Meet The Team

 My two lovely horses, Wibo & Ronnie and the behind the scenes professionals who make my success possible.

It is important for me to keep my skills up for teaching. Having two horses who are very different to ride, keep me on my toes. I have previously produced young horses and sold them on when they where ready to go out and compete. As the market has dropped, I have kept my two favorite horses which I feel will benefit my personal development and also my career. Bettering my skill set and making my last teaching exam, the BHS Intermediate Instructors, possible to achieve with out taking time away from my clients is my goal right now. I have the pleasure of training with some fantastic professionals (SEE THE LINKS BELOW). The more I learn the more I realise there is so much more to learn. Working with Lucy Fulford to keep myself and horses as supple and happy in our bodies to give us the best chance to perform is so insightful. Working with Tom and Fred, correcting any conformation faults (because we cant all be born perfect) and maintaining what is correct. My dressage trainer Daisy Jackson, making my riding more correct and bettering my understanding to strive for perfection. and Charlie Thomas my Vet keeping the boys in tip top condition with there routine, vaccinations, dentals and any medical issues.


      Wibo - Dutch Warmblood,17hh, Gelding, Skewbald, Rising 12 in may 2015.

Wibo came to me in a poor state feb 2013 as the previous owner was unable to keep him due to personal reasons. He was in very poor condition and had severe mud fever.  Wibo was born in the Netherlands and most likely hunted over there too (he has the scars to prove it).


        Ronnie - Holstein/Warmblood, 16.3hh, Gelding, Chestnut, Just 7 years on 1st Jan 2015.

Ronny was bred to show jump and has been started very slowly. He was backed at his breeders and sold on as a 5 year old to a professional show jumper. After a year of light work I bought him June 2014 as a project to event.


  DIP WCF registered farriers

Tom and Fred are 3rd generation Family run farriery business, shoeing since 1938. Fully registered and qualified farriers based in the new forest. Breeding and working Percheron horses since 1951, with their father Robert Sampson.


Equine & Human sports massage therapist

Sports massage, be it for yourselves or you four legged friends, can be a valuable treatment to allow you to be working at your best and in sink with one another. As an Equine sports massage therapist I aim to look at the horse as a whole and consider the possible causes and effects of tension and discomfort.

Professional Dressage rider

Daisy teaches for correctness at all times which has helped me so much with my rather less disciplined eventing mindset! In just a few sessions, Wibo was able to start learning canter half pass and work towards medium level work. Daisy has very good eye for movements and is already able to adapt to different learning styles.  She is extremely positive and only ever gives constructive criticism and praise when deserved.

 Equine Vet RCVS cert

Charlie is our very trusted vet, not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced, Charlie is always happy to chat about problems and educates her clients. Charlie is a highly valued member of the Team.

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